How to Move Across the Country on a Budget


Does the thought of moving scare you a bit? Do you start to think of the To-Do Lists, organizing, errands to drop off donations, the packing, packing, packing, and then not being able to find something you packed because you didn’t label EVERYTHING that was in the box? Well, and then there’s all the costs involved, let’s not even get started there! I will share with you the details of our move and how we survived.

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How to Set up a Budget


One of the most frustrating parts of getting rid of your debt is the budget. It may be a swear word in your house! This is where living gets real because you have to take account for all the whereabouts of your money, and you may have to tell your spouse no once in a while. Or worse yet, you may have to tell yourself no-heaven forbid. A budget isn’t a swear word, it isn’t preventing you from buying things that you want, and it isn’t evil. A budget is something that gives you power to tell your money where to go, rather than it telling you what you can or can’t do.

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How to Make Your Own Wedding Invitations


Wedding Invitations can be a tricky and scary area; will the colors match? Can you get the perfect look? Will it catch people’s attention? Will it continue to attract attention as it hangs on someone’s fridge? Should you include a picture? How many pieces of paper should you actually include? How many should you order? What will it cost? How much are you willing to spend?  The list goes on. It’s simply overwhelming.

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7 Steps to Kicking Debt in the Teeth-Dave Ramsey Style

7 Steps to Kicking Debt in the Teeth


People are starting to realize that their monthly payments are eating them alive. Many people are getting that sick feeling that if something bad happens (and it will) that all will be lost. They are starting to decide that their lives need to change but they just don’t know where to start. This post is for you who want to start. I want to give you some motivation and some direction.

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How to Keep a Wedding in Budget with Decor

 Wedding Budget DecorThe wedding industry has gone hay wire with decor. They have such CUTE stuff out there these days! I had a hard time turning things down. I mean, how could you deny the adorable flower girl halo or the bride/groom etched wine glasses. Every bride should have a tank top telling the world that she’s the bride…right???Well, maybe. Most of the decorations for our wedding were handmade, hand-me-downs, or re-purposed. I’ll share the details of what this Common Sense Couple did but you can check out my earlier post of the over view of the wedding budget here.

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How to Keep Wedding Ceremony Costs Down

wedding ceremony costs down frugal

Today, I’m sharing how to keep your wedding ceremony costs down. In my earlier post, How to Make a Frugal Wedding Budget,I detailed how much each category cost us. The Ceremony is supposed to be 5% of your overall budget, which would have been $150 for our budget of $2000. I guess you could say that we went over, but I would maybe fudge the numbers and say that the venue could go under the Reception category. Either way, we ended up paying $590 for the ceremony costs. Here’s the breakdown:

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A Frugal Wedding: How to Find a Photographer/Videographer

A Frugal Wedding: How to Find a Photographer and Videographer

photographerThis is probably one of the toughest spots in the wedding budget. Most people end up spending thousands in these two areas alone. I won’t judge anyone who pays the normal rates, photographers and videographers only earn money on the day of. Many times it’s a hobby or second job for them. They have expensive equipment and overhead to pay for, so I don’t blame them for high prices. I wish I could have paid more for mine! I honestly do. As an artist myself, I know it’s so easy for others to short-change us looking for a deal. Unfortunately, my budget didn’t allow for $2500 in pictures alone. So here’s what I did:

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Wedding Ideas under $2500


As I’ve said in the past, I hate the term cheap. It just has a “cheapness” to it. So we are talking about a frugal wedding. Or a minimalist, if you’d like. What are some things that you can cut out or include in your wedding to make it a day that you cherish and not forget?

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