How to Make a Cheap Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

Easy cheap tomato cage christmas tree

I do love Christmas. Now that we are living away from all of our family, I have decided to push the Christmas traditions a bit more in order to feel like I am really still with the family. Weird? Maybe, but it makes me feel better! You have to have a tree, and I decided on making a cheap tomato cage Christmas tree for our frugal Christmas!

While I have always been a big anti-fake Christmas tree-er, I thought about dragging a 6-foot real tree into our townhouse. The needles would be everywhere; the stairs and hallways would never be rid of them! The cat would probably attempt to climb it, chew it, or otherwise destroy my decorations. Essentially, I came up with quite a few reasons not to drag in a fresh tree. I also didn’t want to pay $200-$800 on a fake tree! Jeesh! Even Costco was expensive-in my book-with their fake trees.

So, I came to a crossroads: Do I buy a $200 fake tree or do I drag in a fresh tree or do I buy a fake tree? Then Plan C dawned on me-make my own tree!

Recently, I saw a video of a DIY Fall Tree using tomato cages and leaf vines. I figured I could do the same with garland and lights and make a tomato cage Christmas tree! This was really a Make-It-Up-As-You-Go type thing for me. I don’t think it turned out too bad! (I bought two because they were cheap and we wanted to put one on either side of our TV.)

How to Make a Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

Here’s what you need: (I bought all this at Lowe’s and Costco.)old barrel pot for Christmas TreeTomato Cage Christmas Tree Supplies

  • Tomato cages 54’
  • Pots that will fit the tomato cages
  • 3 strands of 9-ft unlit garland per tree. Don’t get the pre-lit garland in case lights go out it’s so hard to fix it!
  • Rubber band or zip ties
  • Lights-any of your choosing


What to do:

1 Unwrap the garland and fluff it out-this is the most time-consuming part.

fluffed out garland






tomato cage and pot for tree

2 Figure out how your tomato cage is going to fit into the pot. Some can fit around the pot, because I chose these cool looking pots, I can simply place my tree into the pot-but it is a bit wobbly. Doesn’t bother me because it will be out of reach of the cat and no kids to worry about!

3 Wrap a rubber band, hair tie, or zip tie around the top of the cage (the normal bottom, or spike part). Start wrapping the garland around the base (the larger part) of the tomato cage. The garland I bought at Lowe’s has a longer part on each end that you can wrap around the cage-I’m pretty sure all garland comes this way though.

4 When I ended one piece of garland, I would simple secure it to the cage and start with another. Wrap until you are satisfied with it!Tomato Cage Tree started

5 Start adding your lights! I started from bottom up because I wanted to be sure I had enough room to plug it in at the base of the tree. Wrap your lights until you are satisfied as well.

6 Add any decorations you currently have or check out this post on how to DIY Cheap Christmas Decorations.




  • Be sure to buy 9-ft unlit garland9ft garland unlit
  • My tomato cage Christmas trees came out a little sparse because I chose the cheaper garland that wasn’t as full. I would maybe change that decision and buy a fuller garland in the future. Totally up to you though-I’m pretty happy with my tree regardless!
  • There are so many different lights to choose from these days. If I wanted to change this up, or spend a little more, I might have gotten some icicle lights. The ones we chose from Costco change from white to colored lights-we thought that was pretty cool. Also, it’s Costco so they were cheap.
  • These tomato cage Christmas trees are small-think tomato cage height! We have them on top of stools to keep the cat from chewing on it. I would have them on the ground otherwise, but if you have small children, come up with a creative way to keep the trees out of reach!
  • You could also make these for outside use. Be sure the tree is stable and the pot won’t blow over. You might need more tools and a brick to accomplish all that. I went for simple.
  • You could make different sizes of the trees. Say you want 3 trees, one tall, one medium, one small. Simply use a wire cutter and cut the large base of the cage down to desired size. You can either stick them right into the ground or find different sized pots.tomato-cage-christmas-tree

Coming Up: How to Spruce Up your Trees with Fake Presents to start the festive season before you have gone shopping!









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