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That’s our number. $94k of pain, stupidity, and overwhelming debt. We are determined to be Debt Free in 2017!

$94,000 is the number that we started with after we were married. If we want a truly accurate picture, let’s include;

  • My previous credit card debt of $16,000
  • My previous car payment for $4,000,
  • Our wedding cost $2,000 (yes, really only $2k! I’m so not lying)
  • Our honeymoon that cost $1,700
  • Our random trip to Cozumel that cost us $2,200 together.
  • Oh and did I mention that I had paid off one of my student loans of $4,000?

That’s a total of-oh gosh, I don’t even want to type it-$123,900… Life costs money. A lot of money. Money that most of us don’t have.

But we sure do like to pretend!

Our Current Debt Picture

And that leads me back to $94k. Now this is smart stupid debt. I mean, we took out this debt to get smarter. This is all student loan debt.

Please don’t get me wrong, I do love my college degree. It was a truly wonderful growing experience; spiritually, intellectually, and in common sense. My husband had a very different experience. He didn’t live on campus like I did, and he’s the one who racked up the most debt. I do not blame him for it or hold a grudge, but it really was stupid debt.

Before I go into the details of stupidity-on both parts, let me tell you our plan.

Our Debt Free Plan

Now this is some plan.

We are going to pay off $94k in 18 months. At least that’s the plan.

Mind you, together we only make $60,000 a year and that’s pushing it. We are going extreme; sacrificing our sanity, our dignity, our hard earned cash. Until that $94,000 is GONE, we are SLAVES. Slaves to the system, slaves to the monthly bills, slaves to saying “no” to our families and friends. We can’t make decisions like, should we stop for coffee? Can we drive up into the mountains this weekend-it might cost too much in gas? Or having freedom to get our family members the Christmas/Birthday presents that we want them to have. Freedom to start a family (Disclaimer: I know many of you will say, “There’s no perfect time to start a family,” but when we are living paycheck to paycheck it’s hard to think about another mouth to feed. Just saying.)

So we are sacrificing for FREEDOM. That’s the only way to accomplish true freedom: sacrifice.


This post doesn’t have a lot of What To Do’s or How We Did It’s, it has a declaration: we declare that from this day forward, we will be RESPONSIBLE with our money, we will be SACRIFICIAL with our decisions, we will be COGNIZANT with our decisions as well. We will pay off $94k in debt in as little time as possible. We declare that one day soon, we will be FREE!

My Challenge to You

Now this may be a boring post to you, or you just don’t understand where we are coming from, I plan on explaining more in the future and having those great How To’s as w ell. Today, I want to challenge you instead.

I challenge you to look at your finances and strive to be one of us that are going debt free. Seek freedom with sacrifice. I challenge you to make a change, one simple step at a time. And I challenge you to live with common sense.



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